A New Sense of Purpose at Oil & Energy Magazine

Posted: 08/01/16

By Richard Rutigliano, PriMedia, Inc. 

NEW ENGLAND FUEL INSTITUTE, recently chose our agency, PriMedia, to produce and publish Oil & Energy, and we relish the opportunity to serve you, our readers. 

Oil & Energy (formerly Yankee Oilman) has always been an exception among trade association publications, because NEFI wanted its magazine to be an information source, rather than an association-centric publication. News of NEFI’s activities is limited to just a few pages every month, with the rest of the magazine devoted to relevant industry news and expert commentary. 

It is PriMedia’s privilege now to serve this engaged audience. Like Oil & Energy, we have a longstanding commitment to the retail fuel and HVAC industries, and we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the task. Our point person for Oil & Energy is John “Mac” MacKenna, who is returning for his second stint as editor. 


Mac served as Oil & Energy’s editor from 2006 to 2008 before joining PriMedia, where he has worked primarily as a writer, developing websites, newsletters, social media, blogs and other projects for our clientele, which includes companies and associations in Oilheat, propane and HVAC. 

Journalism is a passion for Mac. In a distinguished career spanning more than 25 years, he has worked as a newspaper reporter, investigative journalist, sportswriter, city editor, website editor and columnist. He developed a strong affection for the fuel/HVAC industry during his first stint with Oil & Energy, and he is very enthusiastic about this new opportunity. We think you will really appreciate having his unique commitment and skills at your service. 

Mac has strong support from the entire PriMedia team, which is rich in publishing skills. William Mortensen will serve as art director, working with our design team to develop the magazine covers and lay out the inside pages. Our client services team will meet all the needs of the magazine’s advertisers. Our team of writers will assist with articles and proofreading. 

The first major task we are undertaking is to sharpen the focus of Oil & Energy’s monthly content. Company owners and executives in this industry shoulder a variety of responsibilities, and we will soon re-align the magazine’s coverage to reflect that. 

For example, nearly every company faces important decisions about the technology used throughout the business, from back-end systems, to truck meters, to employee communications. We will feature coverage of technology virtually every month to advance your understanding of what’s available and show how you can improve your operations. We’ll solicit articles from technology experts and keep you abreast of new products and services as they come to market. 

Another subject that deserves generous attention is business management. We’ll reach out for expert advice that will improve your understanding of relevant tax issues, business transition, employee relations, insurance, benefits and more. 

Every company in this industry is also in a constant struggle to get paid and maintain positive cash flow. We’ll delve into questions about consumer credit, online payments and account collection and call on industry experts to share their knowledge and advice. 

We’ll apply a similarly sharp focus to core issues such as fleet management, fuel management, propane, hedging, heating equipment, alternative energy and marketing. Of course, our coverage will continue to draw on NEFI’s unique expertise in relevant legislation and regulation. 


While we’re working to make every page of the magazine highly relevant and informative, we’ll also be looking to extend our reach through the Internet and other venues. NEFI is rebuilding its website with the help of PriMedia, and Oil & Energy will have a robust online presence. 

Our ultimate ambition is to make Oil & Energy a more important part of your professional life. As fuel retailers and HVAC contractors, you benefit from a strong publication that focuses on the unique challenges you face and delivers helpful information and thought-provoking insights. 

This industry may be up to its neck in challenges, but it remains energetic, relevant and interesting. Thousands of company owners and executives are working hard every day to adapt to change and strengthen their companies. Just as you toil to serve and satisfy your customers and exploit new opportunities, we will work tirelessly to deliver coverage that informs and assists you. 

Oil & Energy is your magazine, and we want to hear from you. John MacKenna works from our Boston office at 75 Arlington St., and he is always happy to receive a call or e-mail. He welcomes suggestions, opinions, complaints and anything else on your mind. Please contact him any time on his direct line (857-241-3722) or by e-mail at You can also reach out to me or anyone else at PriMedia with your thoughts. The entire PriMedia team is very excited for this new opportunity to serve the Oilheat, propane and HVAC industries. 

Richard Rutigliano is President of PriMedia, Inc., a full service marketing and communications firm with offices in New York City, Long Island and Boston. The company is now offering free marketing consultations to Oilheat retailers. Phone: 800-796-3342, or visit their Web sites at and