Is It Time to Change Your Marketing Company?

Posted: 04/13/18

If you are working with a marketing company that’s not working for you, you could be losing sales opportunities every day. It’s time to stop making excuses for sub-par marketing and start putting your company’s well being first. Let’s see how many of the following issues apply to your current agency.

Web Services

  • How does your website rank for Key Search Terms? Is it optimized for voice searches?
  • Does your website, e-store, or account management portal work on smartphones?
  • Does the agency have proven expertise in online marketing, and is it a Certified Google Partner?

Customer Service

  • Do your CSRs know the right things to say to customers looking to switch?
  • Are they attracting, or repelling, customers and prospects?

Online Applications

  • Do your online customer portals seamlessly integrate with your enterprise software?
  • Were you given prefabricated online applications and told to adapt your business processes to fit?
  • Do they give you second-rate imitations of other companies’ cutting edge online applications?


  • Does your marketing need new ideas and a fresh look?
  • Do you know how much of your budget is siphoned away for management fees and commissions?

Ethics and Professionalism

  • Are they respected for their honesty and expertise?
  • Do they really understand your business?

If you think it's time for a change, contact PriMedia.

25-anniversary.pngFor more than 25 years, we have been the leader in energy marketing, and here’s why:

  • Experienced marketing and advertising professionals
  • Fully staffed - all work is produced in-house, including software development
  • Creative, successful digital and traditional marketing campaigns
  • Google Partner, certified in Search, Display, Mobile, analytics and more
  • Social media marketing, online and print ads, TV, radio, and direct marketing
  • Email marketing, text messaging, programmatic advertising, content strategies
  • Customer retention and new customer acquisition marketing
  • Leader in integrated applications for ADD Systems E3 and SmartConnect, Blue Cow Ignite, Automated Wireless E-Sys and other enterprise software
  • Social media experts
  • All websites and portals developed on responsive platforms
  • Ethical, honest and transparent business practices
  • Expanded campaign tracking services: landing pages, call tracking, lead systems, analytics and more

Ready for a change? See what PriMedia can do for your business, with a no-obligation consultation to review your current marketing strategies, your goals, and the best ways to get you there. Contact us today, 800-796-3342.