PriMedia Delivers Webcast Series on Marketing During COVID-19

Posted: 05/18/20

(Garden City, May 15, 2020) Since the novel coronavirus put most of the country on lockdown, PriMedia has been presenting a series of free webcasts on marketing strategies for energy businesses coping with region-wide stay-at-home orders.

Each webcast, presented on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m., has focused on a different aspect of business operations and communications during this crisis and beyond:

  • Portal Basics: Essential Customer Self-Help Tools that are Absolutely Key to Operating an Energy Business in this Social Distancing Era
  • MyTecTM: Conducting Remote Service Calls in the Social Distancing Era
  • Price Protection: Stability in an Era Of Historically Low Prices and Stay-At-Home Orders
  • DealerExpress: Capturing the At-Home, Online Fuel Shopper
  • Digital Marketing During Quarantine: Changing Strategies While Customers are Staying-At-Home

“We wanted to help our energy partners the best way we knew how – by giving them tools to get through the unique challenges this pandemic created, and that could be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. The webcasts give us the platform to reach as many businesses as possible at once,” explained PriMedia president Richard Rutigliano.

PriMedia is well positioned to offer solutions to the current challenges. It has provided marketing, internet and communications services to fuel and energy providers since its founding in 1993 through periods of volatile price swings, utility gas attacks, geo-political upheavals and severe weather challenges.

“The feedback from the audience has been outstanding,” Rutigliano continued. “Dealers are taking our strategic plans to heart, contacting us for more information, and making immediate changes to their operations.”

PriMedia is also presenting these webcasts along with free consultations to individual companies upon request, and videos of the programs are available for review on the PriMedia website.  To learn more about the webcasts and schedule a viewing, contact Liz Hill at PriMedia at or (800) 796-3342. Visit to see all of PriMedia’s products and services.