What's New in Email Marketing

Posted: 02/02/18

Many of our fuel marketers are using email marketing for more than staying in touch with their customers – they are turning email lists into sales lists, and picking up new accounts with targeted, effective digital communications. These companies know that email marketing is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to get their message out. We’re here to share some of their secrets of success: 

  • Frequency: To build a new relationship or strengthen an existing one, there needs to be ongoing, repeated contact. This is as true in marketing as it is in friendships – and the successful marketer sends out emails on a regular basis. 
  • Messaging: The best emails do more than promote a service; they offer information that is of value to the end-user. Focus on what the customer needs, not what you want to sell them. 
  • Visuals: Emails with images are more likely to be read. Emails with images are more likely to end up in spam folders. Those are not contradictory statements – the trick is in knowing which images to use and how to manage the image/content ratio so spam filters don’t flag and hide your email.

There’s so much more we can discuss about how to make email marketing work for your company, but we have only so much space in this newsletter! mailZOOM!, our newest email marketing service, makes it easy for you to have a consistent, effective email strategy for both current customers and prospects. Visit mailZOOM! to learn more, and contact us to continue the conversation.