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What does your website say about you? Your website is your business card, sales team, customer service representative, retail store and payment center. It is often the first thing potential customers see, and the resource current customers turn to for answers and services that were unavailable online just a few years ago. If you are telling customers that you are a modern company with knowledge and understanding of the latest technological advances in home comfort equipment, then your website needs to "walk the walk."

You wouldn't send your service techs out in a 20-year-old vehicle, and your website has to keep up with the times as well. That outdated website is losing you business, because if your site doesn't work as well on smartphones as it does from a desktop, Google and other search engines will now penalize the site and push your organic rankings down below page 3.

PriMedia's custom website solutions take you from the initial site design through the most complex integrated systems, including:



Custom Solutions

You've got all kinds of data and know what you want to do with it, but can't find the software to make it happen. PriMedia can help. Our developers can create the custom software solution to collect, aggregate and analyze data from multiple sources. We create internal portals for information sharing or marketing resources, custom account management service portals for your customers and clients, new customer applications and credit reviews, and even trading platforms for financial services.

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