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Price Protection

Whether it's a capped price, fixed price or pre-pay, customers want effective protection now more than ever, to deal with volatile market conditions. Dealers need to manage and market their programs so that they benefit both the customer and the company. 

PriMedia understands price protection, and we can help you develop and market the kind of smart, custom programs that will succeed in today’s market … and that conform to the latest contract regulations. 

A fast turnaround between buying for a program and completing enrollments is critical. We can enhance your website with advanced services that enable you to roll your programs out and complete registrations online. Our PricePoint real-time price protection enrollment system helps you complete price protection enrollments more quickly, effectively and profitably – and it can easily integrate with other added-value customer programs, like Service Contracts, Budget Plans, Loyalty Rewards, and more. With PricePoint, you can offer custom price protection programs including tiered pricing levels, local discounts and customer accommodations – and PricePoint’s pricing expiration feature protects you when energy prices – and your customers’ minds – change from day to day!

PriMedia also excels at creating persuasive and reader-friendly direct mailbrochures and newsletter articles to help customers understand and embrace your programs.

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