Business Applications

Contract Enrollment

What if getting the customer to sign on the dotted line was easier?

What if the customer could commit to a service contract, budget plan, or other agreement, without you sending a salesperson to the house to close the deal?

How much are you spending in mail costs including printing, postage and trips to the post office, to send out annual agreements  … only to get a fraction returned to you?

We have a better way. Digital contracts – available for your customers to sign day or night, and sent directly to your inbox.

ServicePoint is PriMedia's online contract enrollment program, and it's the better way to get your customers to sign on to your services.


  • Utilizes your existing contracts, converted to digital form
  • Integrates with your enterprise software to autofill customer data
  • Can manage multiple agreements and add-on services
  • Connects to your online payment gateway for immediate payments
  • Includes "Initial Here" boxes where needed for legal compliance
  • Generates comprehensive reports

ServicePoint Integrates with All Your Customer Programs

  • Account look-up and management
  • Price protection enrollment
  • Text messaging and communications
  • Email marketing
  • Risk management
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Bill presentment and payment



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