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Specialty Items

Making great impressions is vital for a propane company. Customers and prospects form their opinions of your business based on what they see, and you need to ensure that your company's uniforms and handouts support the image you are working to cultivate.

Attractive uniforms give your employees a neat, professional appearance that reflects well on you. PriMedia helps propane dealers choose smart designs in top-quality uniforms. We help you find the look and the accessories you want - hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, coveralls, scarves and more. You can extend the uniform look to outer garments, including jackets, parkas and windbreakers so that your employees are always showing your colors, regardless of the season.

We also provide custom promotional items that carry your company's name and phone number, so it is easy for customers and prospects to remember you and reach you later. A well conceived selection of promotional products can set you apart from the competition at home shows. You'll build awareness of your brand, attract traffic to your booth, and reinforce your message. Promotional items are also great to keep on hand at your office so that you always have something to give to a visitor.

PriMedia works closely with clients to identify promotional opportunities and choose the right items for the particular occasion or use. We can personalize just about any item and ensure that your order arrives on time, wherever you need it.

Whether you're buying uniforms or promotional items, we'll help you spend your money wisely for maximum impact.


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