Branding & Graphic Design


Branding represents your company's personality and services - creating an image and a concept that identifies you in the consumers' minds, even without any other text. 

This is one company's story:

Like many energy marketers, Dominick has grown since its post-war founding as a fuel delivery company. Over the decades the company added equipment sales and repairs, then air conditioning, plumbing, Bioheat® fuel and propane. As a multi-product and multi-service provider, the company's original name of "Dominick Fuel" no longer represented who they were.

Through each evolution, PriMedia worked with the company to adapt the company name and logo. Growing from 'Dominick Fuel' to 'Dominick Comfort' to simply 'Dominick' in under 10 years, each logo iteration retained elements from its predecessor, so long-term customers would continue to respond to the familiar. At the same time, each new logo matured to reflect the full scope of the company's expanded roster of products and services.


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