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Sales Kits

No professional sales call is complete without a sales kit or sales folder. After you have made your pitch and the client is left to make a decision, a strong sales kit is essential to reinforce your message and cement your impression. In those crucial moments when the potential client is evaluating you in your absence, a convincing sales kit can set you apart from the competition and win the sale for you. 

A sales kit can also bring in new business. When you distribute an impressive, informative kit at a tradeshow, you build name recognition with potential clients and improve your chances for a successful follow-up call. 

At PriMedia, we work with you to develop and produce exceptional sales kits that give your salespeople the support they deserve. We identify your core message and key selling points and make a compelling case for the company with pleasing design, eye-catching graphics and smart, convincing text. 

We'll be happy to create a sales kit that reinforces your company's image and style and meets your specific needs. Any kind of packaging is possible, and the materials can be printed, electronic or both.

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