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Real estate is one of the most important professional constituencies for the Oilheat industry. Every time an Oilheated home is on the market, an account is at risk. The best way to defend against defections to competing fuels is to educate real estate professionals about the benefits of Oilheat. 

PriMedia has been a pioneer in the enlistment of "allies" in the real estate profession. We work closely with numerous Oilheat dealers and trade associations to deliver education to brokers, sales agents and home inspectors. The Oilheat-Real Estate partnerships furnish seminars, online resources and printed materials to real estate professionals in areas where Oilheat is widely used. 

The partnerships have built strong bridges between Oilheat and real estate. Hundreds of professionals have attended seminars and forged ties with Oilheat dealers in their areas. They have learned how to advocate for Oilheat and tell customers about the many benefits of working with a full-service Oilheat dealer. 


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