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Mobile Text Communications

Approximately 97 percent of American adults text weekly, and 81 percent text regularly. That leads to more than 6 billion texts a day. In fact, these days, Americans text twice as much as they make old fashioned phone calls. If you are not using a text messaging system to communicate with your customers, you are missing a vital communications channel.


If you thought texting was only for teens and millennials, think again. Three quarters of the adult population would like to get one or two offers via text, and the majority would like to schedule or change appointments or contact customer service via text rather than phone.


PriMedia's TextPoint puts you back into the conversation, with text messaging and communications options. From one-on-one customer services, including automated account look-up and payment text option, to company-wide marketing promotions – TextPoint gives you the freedom to communicate with your customers the way they prefer – by text!


Textpoint integrates with your enterprise software, to enable customer access for:

  • Balance inquiries
  • Service requests
  • Delivery requests
  • Payments
  • Customer support questions


Text messaging is an easy, quick and cost effective way to send:

  • Daily prices
  • Special promotions
  • Appointment reminders
  • Emergency announcements
  • Automated reminders: tune-ups, service contract renewals and price protection enrollments
  • Birthday or anniversary greetings
  • Surveys


TextPoint Integrates with All Your Customer Programs

  • Account look-up and management
  • Price protection enrollment
  • Service contract enrollment
  • Email marketing
  • Risk management
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Bill presentment and payment

You probably use texts to communicate with friends and family members all the time.  It's time to start using it to communicate with your customers, too.


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