Business Applications

Lead Tracking

Track your new business leads with dogged determination, with LeadPro. Put away old-fashioned spreadsheets, journals, notebooks and sticky notes, and keep on top of all your leads and quotes with this streamlined, customizable system. Developed specifically for the energy marketer, LeadPro can integrate with your enterprise software to quickly update new business from existing customers, or create new customer accounts once a job is sold.


LeadPro works around your processes, so you're never forced to fit your business into a one-size-fits-all program. PriMedia works with you to collect the information you require, produce the reports you want, and sort leads and alerts according to hierarchies you select.


With LeadPro:

* All leads and sales efforts are centralized in one program

* Sales reps can access the web-based program from the field

* Sales and customer service are working with the same information

* Duplicate leads are a thing of the past

* Reminders and alerts are sent out regularly to keep the process moving

* You can say goodbye to reams of paperwork – everything is online and accessible

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