HVAC Marketing


Loyalty is the lifeblood of an HVAC business. To keep the customers you have, you need to demonstrate your commitment in everything you do and build durable relationships. Strong communication is essential, and the centerpiece of every long-term strategy is an informative, engaging company newsletter. It connects you to your customers by personalizing your business and demonstrating the ways that you can help them save money and be more comfortable. 

PriMedia is the industry's leading producer of custom newsletters. Our understanding of HVAC is unmatched, and we produce insightful, informative publications that resonate with customers and strengthen your image. Each newsletter is unique - specific to your company and your programs. The success of our newsletters rides on the shoulders of our talented team of writers and designers. Once you approve the topics for an issue, our creative team creates an attractive, readable, one-of-a-kind newsletter that reflects well on your company.

The lead item in a PriMedia-produced newsletter is usually a personal letter from a company executive that delivers a timely message in a friendly, positive voice. Other stories might highlight a new product, address the season's most relevant topics (such as tune-ups, conservation, or emergency service), and promote the company services or products of your choice. Our writing strikes a pleasing balance between information and promotion that works well for the company and the customer. 


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