Are You Part of the "Big Game?"

Posted on February 2, 2018

Once a year, the entire country (well, almost) gathers to watch two super teams do battle, and to enjoy the commercials that pla…

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Help Customers Appreciate the Good Things You Do

Posted on March 16, 2017

Many local companies are locked in vigorous, competitive struggles for market share, and they need to leverage every advantage a…

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In Google AdWords, Target Keywords Effectively

Posted on January 16, 2017

Google AdWords continues to be one of the most effective tools for connecting with new customers, and some recent changes streng…

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Serving the Next Generation

Posted on October 18, 2016

Members of the “millennial” generation (born between 1980 and 2000) are expected to have a combined spending power of $1.4 trill…

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PriMedia Gains Google Partner Certification

Posted on October 7, 2016

GARDEN CITY, NY – PriMedia Inc., a diversified agency specializing in e-marketing and custom software, recently joined Google Pa…

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